A Peacock does make a summer!

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Once upon a time these peacock butterflies were as common as muck, every August, they would plaster the buddleia's or butterfly bushes as they're called in their dozens. But this year this is only the second one I've seen & the first was way back in March! This one was totally perfect though, brand new I reckon, finally a bit of warm sunshine, nice temperature for it to emerge! I always know them as the RAF butterflies, as so many people tell me they've seen such a such a butterfly & I ask them to explain what they looked like & one friend said that this one at the RAF symbols on it's wings... & yeah, that description stuck... ahhh, that'll be a peacock butterfly then! :)

As for my boyfriend in feathers:

Larry makes a comeback

Lots of washing done today, although crouching down was tough! Still in a lot of pain, but unlike yesterday, I forgot about it, which to me, is a good sign... brain is not warning me, it's letting me forget... good sign, right? :) xxx

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