I had hoped for a long lie, but it wasn’t to be.  BB was up early – too early for a Sunday during the holidays. Once he was situated in front of the TV, I went back to bed and read my book for a  while.  It was a nice morning, so after breakfast we went out for a wander taking in a play park, the skate park, the outdoor gym, the rope swing and a second play park.  We then had a walk around the coastal path looking out at the big waves, and all before lunch, and just before the rain appeared.

BB then subjected me to a football card game, which I was never ever going to win.  Thankfully the rain passed and I suggested we go for a walk to the caves.  We set off along the coast path, which was really muddy, in the wind, with waves pounding along the coast.  We didn’t make it to the caves, and retraced our steps to the harbour, where we watched the big waves crashing into the wall at the beach.

Tonight we watched Alice in Wonderland.

Here is BB having fun on the rope swing.


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