A Fish Eye View of the Pond

I was trying to avoid my standard landscape/seascape  offering for Wide Angle Wednesday so when I  spotted the water lily in the neighbour's pond I wondered if something could be made of it with the fish eye function on the camera.

I think it worked okay. The white petals floating there are from the flowering cherry in the garden. The tree was almost stripped of flowers in last nights storm and the ground looks like snow has fallen.

My day started dramatically with the smoke alarm suddenly blaring out while I was in the shower. That made the pulse race a bit. I didn't know whether to get dressed, flee the house or leap out the bathroom window. My goodness the mind goes into frantic overdrive when something like that happens. It was a false alarm - but I have rung the Fire Service for assistance with installing new alarms - the current alarms are older than they should be.

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