Business Plans?

Hello Blipfriends!
Dolly reporting today!

The time finally came when we had to leave our lovely lakeside hut. We were both very sad but we enjoyed our week there and hope to go back again soon.

Instead of going straight home, we made several stops to see people. On the way we caught sight of this food truck. We love food trucks! And LOOK! This one had MY name on it! Mum! Maybe it's a sign! We should go into business! Hostile takeover! We could serve all my favourite foods: pizza, burgers, sausages, toast with marmalade, ice cream, Swedish Fika, meatballs, salmon! The menu would be amazing!!

Sadly, it wasn't even open yet, so we continued on our way. First stop was to see our friend Queenie, who lives near Bath. Queenie and my first mum (Mum's mum) were really good friends and she loves me lots and lots. We love going to visit her and have blipped our visits before. She's the one that made my lovely crocheted blankets that I use in the car.

After that we went to Swindon and met with our blipfriend, Honeycombebeach and Mr HCB. There was SO much talking, mum forgot to take any pictures! We always love a visit with them and we are so happy that blipfoto brought us together!

Then finally we went to Mum's sister's house and had dinner there. We were just in time for bath time and story time. This is Aneeta - the oldest of the two little granddaughters. She and her little sister love me and I like story time too!

We finally got home at bedtime! A real friends and family tour!

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