When the going gets weird

By Slybacon

In The Night Garden

After a poor night's sleep, it was an early(ish) morning commute into the City via bus. The Trains and the Tube I can handle. But general population of London do not seem capable of travelling by bus like civil people would in any other part of the country. People are, to be blunt, total dicks. This extends right across the demographic from children to pensioners. They all just seem to throw any concept of civility out the window when they get near a bus.

I had a (fairly brutal) meeting with a photographer in the morning. They painted a fairly bleak picture of an industry heading off a cliff. Still, as a natural pessimist, it seemed refreshingly honest and I took a lot of good advice from the encounter.

I walked half the way back to try and burn out some of my anxious energy. Maybe burned off a bit too much. I got back and closed my eyes for five minutes. Next thing I knew, Riot was home and it was nearly six.

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