Part of the deed.....

It been a day of long cold hard driving rain. So much so I didn't take the camera out even once.  Today was a another day of little things while eating right for tomorrows blood test. This is a small part of deed to my parents home. We had to get out most of the paperwork that is normally stored down at the bank out for my dads veterans paperwork.

The whole neighborhood is on an old coal mine. As you can see here to this day the railroads still own all the mineral rights to this property.. Something that is/was very common when home were built around here.

Listening to the news tonight I see:

U.S. Marines being sent to Norway
U.K. Soldiers and tanks being sent to Estonia
Spain under pressure from the U.S. to refuse to allow Russia to refuel their ships even though they have for years.
Russia tested an anti missile missile.
Everybody keeps "buzzing" ships in the Middle East.
Amnesty International confirms the United States have killed at least 300 civilians in Syria.
There are polls saying Trumps is within 5% of winning..

Going to watch a bunch of millionaires swings a piece of wood at a round object in order to be the champions of the world.... (that's what they say at least)

Oh it will be in a nice warm house, with my dad, with a hot meal, knowing where I will be sleeping tonight....

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