the Good the bad and the W.T.F.

Well now that yesterday is settled I can talk about it.. While I was delivering at a customer a person accused me of hitting their mirror on their car.. At the location the car was, it was nearly impossible for me to have done that.. No witnesses saw what or when it happened. There was missing glass on his mirror but zero on the ground..Where did the glass go? Was it broken somewhere else? Who cleaned it up or???  Anyhow he was willing to sue the company over it even though my boss said with the photographs I sent her, he would have lost.. Lawsuits cost money though so the company wrote him a $125 check for the mirror.. and although it doesn't go on my record as an accident because nothing can be proven, it does count against me for the safety award.. That's the bad.. The W.T.F. is this is the second time that this has happened in my career.. People know that big companies will just write a check and the driver gets screwed..  

Now the good news.. The Veterans Administration finally got over to visit my dad. The reason of course is to make sure the money he is getting for his service goes 100% to his care..It does plus an additional $2600 a month from a mortgage my mom took out on their house. It is very nice that the hundred plus hours my sister has spent plus the time my mom, I and a few friends have spent has finally paid off and my dad will be taken care of..

It's going to be an easy but long day tomorrow at work and I will be sleeping in the truck again.. Yes this is one of the few of my mom's dahlias that is hanging on...

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