By PhilattheBeach

Do You Think They Know?

We have these little retention ponds all over the place around here. We have four just in our neighborhood.
So I take a right turn out of our street, go about 200 yards and something catches my eye at the edge of one of these ponds along the side of the road.
Turns out to be a young alligator relaxing in the warm sun.
This pond is in my neighbor's backyard and the extra shows how that  perspective looks.
I just figure they probably know they have the little guy hanging out back there, no need for me to say anything, I just take the pic and ride on. 

So the salt marsh, marsh ponds, swamp and beach areas that have been closed off since Oct. 5th in anticipation of the hurricane are set to re-open tomorrow after damage repair.
Hopefully those alligators living there will still be around and happy to see me. I know I've missed them.  :-)

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