By ciorstain

Monday - 2 Jobs

Still back blipping !

After a lovely weekend at the farm, I got up innocently and started up my work laptop.
I should have better stayed in bed!!! Overnight I received a complete unannounced new project from my client with a extremely tight deadline!
This just when I thought I was on top of things and could concentrate on my upcoming meetings in the 2nd November week AND maybe squeeze some more "life" in my being .....!
I was not happy and the relaxation of the weekend was immediately replaced by utter stress!
On top of that I had agreed to do a photography job at Prestwick Airport in the evening for which I had to finish work on time.
So I was working franticly to get all set-up for the project launch from my side and waited for my boss to wake up.
Luckily I got the main tasks sorted before I had to jump in the car and drive to Prestwick.
The task was to document the loading of an Antonov 124 Cargo plane. It can transport up to 150 tons of freight and is one of the biggest freighters in the world.
Task was to transport 2 cable drums of 47 tons each to Canada!
A huge, important and very expensive project.
We were at about 6:30 pm on the airfield and they were building still the ramp and the rails needed for loading.
It took over 2 hours until the first cable roll was moved with a crane onto the ramp to be then slowly pulled and winched into the aircraft! True precision work.
I was running about with another photographer (he was hired from the client) to document everything. It was fun though!
I did leave at 23:30 although loading was not yet finished, but I had plenty of shots and I also knew that there will be 3 more departures in the coming weeks. 

Blip and extras:
Front view of the Antonov with open "mouth"

Antonov side view - you can see that it is "kneeling" to reduce the angle for the loading.
Inside the Antonov - it is huge!
Pulling in of the first Cable roll - all done with chains and winches.
Cable Roll craned on the rails on the ramp

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