Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Enjoying The View

It is Mrs BB last day off before she's back in work for six days, so yet another walk was the order of the day. We picked up our friends dogs, which we haven't seen for a couple of months, and decided to climb Twmbarlwm Iron Age Hillfort (near Risca, South Wales). It's not far from our house and we never tire of the trek to the top. It's quite a pull - those iron age peoples must have been pretty fit!

The Iron Age hill fort of Twmbarlwm was at the heart of the territory of the Silurian Celts, the dominant Celtic tribe of this area. It was probably constructed about 500 BC, the site being chosen due to it’s strong defensive position with very steep slopes on all sides, and it’s excellent view of the surrounding area and the Bristol Channel where any approaching threat could easily be seen. 

The blip photo shows the older dog, Bambi (11yrs) looking out at the views from the top of the probable Roman Signal Tower mound at the views over South Wales and The Bristol Channel.

A lovely day out walking with two smashing dogs who are a joy to be with. They seem to love it as much as us.

This evening was a bit sad as I sold my Smart car which I bought in 2011.  I bought my original Smart car about 2003 so it's strange to be without one. But with a load more travelling on the horizon in 2017 it makes sense.  Like losing an old friend.

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