BCAM - Day 30

Wow! We're on our second last day of BCAM :(. I hope you have been clicking as often as you can on the pink bar at the breast cancer link. Thank you to all of you who have been clicking. There are lots of statistics on there, so please do have a look.

We finally managed to catch up with friends Roberto and Elizabeth for lunch, after what seems like ages.

Martin and I then went into town to attend the Wine & Dine 2016 festival. We've been going for a few years and luckily this year, we got given some tickets, yay.

Enjoyed tasting some wines and sparkling wines from different countries and I was immediately drawn to these pink Bottega bottles of Italian sparkling Moscato. How amazing are the bottles? I'm not a huge fan of Moscato so didn't actually buy any of them, even though they had a good deal. Did find some Moet at nearly half price so came away with a few bottles and some Italian grappa.

A rather nice day, cool Sunday.

Thank you for continuing to click on this link and adding to the number of free mammograms that are being given to those in need.

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