BCAM - Day 29

Another weekend already! These days sure feel like they're whizzing by.

Worship practice first thing with the Teens as it's Teen Sunday tomorrow. A whole new bunch of teens too, gonna miss Ben big time and the others who've gone off to uni.

Then some quick baking to take goodies to the big church event called Kids in the Park. A community outreach event to offer an alternative to Halloween, for those who would rather not dress their kids in garish outfits.

I was face painting for nearly 4 hrs and here are two gorgeous sisters with some of my handiwork. They were just adorable. I also painted SEVERAL Spider-Mans!!!! All those kids were just toooo cute. What fun face painting is, but my back was done for.

Would you pls click on this link to help donate free mammograms to those in need.

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