BCAM - Day 28

Goodness gracious, what a full on day I've had. First task of the day was to frost the cakes with chocolate ganache, which is a beast in itself.

I had to bring the ganache back to room temperature by blitzing it in the microwave, as all the experts say to, but it was extremely frustrating as the chocolate split. Hundreds of $$$ in the bin, so I had to start again. Such a palaver! Not sure I'm going to take an order for ganache again until I've mastered it. This caused me much stress today.

Anyway, I left it as I had to go into town with my friend Madhu (in pic) to attend a very grand BCAM fund raiser! She had very kindly invited me to this event when I was back in the UK and I was keen to go.

It was a very well organised affair by many corporations, the most significant being Cathay. Fly Pink is Cathay Pacific's campaign during the month of October to raise awareness and the crew wear something pink on their uniform to support the cause and raise funds. It was a very pink event that raises hundreds of thousands of $$$ for cancer patients here in HK. A very good cause and so pleased Madhu thought of me.

Rushed back home to finish the drum cake (please see extra photo). I am thrilled to bits with rhe result, once I figured out how to make ganache and I think it looks pretty realistic. As many of you know, SweetArt's speciality is 3D cakes, and this one she is pleased with :). Would love to make this for Gadgetkid as she is a drummer herself!

Could you kindly click on this link to help donate free mammograms to women in need.
Thank you very much :).

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