Georgian Edinburgh through autumn leaves

I decided that an early blip was in order today when I saw the beautiful blue skies as I popped out to the postbox this morning with my thank you letter to Bella and Lucy. This shot is of our building from the garden.

I didn't venture much further from the house than this all day. It was lovely to work at home on a week day for the first time in three weeks (a long time for me) and managed I to get a lot done, both work-wise and in terms of looking after the invalid. (Of course I have worked at home at the weekend in this period, but that does not count because we shouldn't have to work at weekends at all!)

Poor Mr hazelh is still in a lot of pain from his chickpea/monkey nut poisoning and has spent most of the day horizontal :-( On the basis of previous similar episodes it is unlikely that he will fully recover until Thursday. He will have to look after himself tomorrow and Wednesday, however, because I'm heading back down south again for a couple of days of UK research council duties.

Exercise today: none.

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