Bethlehem Hallowe'en Parade ...

The weather has been just plain wacky!  Earlier this week I was wearing long pants, a long sleeved shirt and a jacket!!  Well, today I had to get my shorts out again! 

But it was perfect weather for the Bethlehem Halloween Parade. 

I had several pictures that I liked so I have arranged them in collage.  The picture on the left is probably my favorite.  This young girl had just gotten some candy from one of the parade participants and she looks quite happy with her haul.  

The other two pictures are for my good friend DDW, who just so happens to have a Dachshund named Mabel!  Ok, what's the connection you might ask?  Well, one is obviously a Dachshund decked out in a hot dog costume (how typical!)!  And the other young girl (bottom right picture) is Mabel.  She was sitting next to us at the parade!

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