Feathers ...

To take advantage of this unusually warm October day we decided to check out a rail trail that we have never been to before ... Ironton Rail Trail in Coplay, Pa.  We went to the access point located at Saylor Park. 

When we started down the trail we could see quite of few Canada geese in the Lehigh River but couldn't get down to it from the path.  After walking just a little ways down the trail we decided to see if we could find a place closer to the geese. 

But before we left this particular park R overheard a couple talking about the husbands lost glasses.  He remembered that when we first arrived at the trail we saw a group of people pick up a pair of glasses and walk off with them.  R told the husband about this and then looked up the trail (with the binoculars!) to see if he could see the people that had found the glasses.  They were way up the trail by this point but R still told the man about them.  He took off (albeit not very fast) after them and we got back in our car.  

At this point I thought we were going to look for the geese but R headed in the opposite direction ... apparently he was going to try to track down the group of people with the glasses.  We did end up finding them and R told them about the man looking for his glasses .... these were prescription glasses not just cheap sunglasses!!  Well, the man and his glasses were soon reunited and we gave him a ride back to his wife!  He was very grateful!

After dropping him off we started looking for the geese again.  We found a nice park where they were and walked down to the water's edge.  Unfortunately, after all that the geese moved away from this side of the river!!!

They did, however, leave some feathers behind.


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