Fishy and foggy

Very foggy this morning, so I had a quick walk down to the river when I got off the train, to get a few photos.  Took this one shortly after I'd been accosted by a 'Bhuddist monk' and pressured into giving him some money for a bracelet I didn't really want.  Ah well.  Apparently it will bring me peace and light....

Char - my usual lunch buddy - was off sick today, so I took the opportunity to get the bus to Islington and buy a storage box I've been meaning to get for a while.  Got given the biggest carrier bag in the world for it.  Didn't even have to pay 5p!

Didn't feel brilliant today - I thought the virus I've had was on its way out, but now I feel like it's on its way back in again.  Boo.  Ended up staying up a bit later than usual, too, which probably wasn't a great idea.

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