Witch in the window?!

This was our front window at 6am today.  Do you see the witch?  If you also see it I need to tell you that it is no decoration!  Where and what that witch shadow is, I do not know.

I feel like I have gone non-stop all day today.  I started off by finally getting my car inspected.  Went from there to get a manicure.  The golden autumn leaves have all fallen from the trees.

Then it was off to the grocery store to get a few items that were needed.  I then went to the pharmacy to pick up meds ordered Friday morning.  Despite it being after 12 noon they did not have my meds and informed me it would be 3:30pm.  So frustrating.

Once home I got onto doing more of my Christmas home crafting.  I made enough lemon/citrus sugar scrub to fill the 12 cobalt blue jars I had gotten just for this purpose.  I'm excited to have this scrub craft done and out the way.

As I was finishing up the scrub I got a call that I needed to go to my optometrist's office.  After several false starts they have finally gotten frames I want and they had just come in.  I drove there so they could do the measurements to place the bi-focal correctly.

When I left there and drove back to this side of town it was 4pm so went to the pharmacy again.  I still had to wait almost 30 minutes for things to be ready.  Grrrrr.

Happy Halloween!

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