Church Scene: All Is Golden

It's been an autumn that has surprised me with its staying power. We usually experience peak foliage color in central Pennsylvania around mid to late October. Then the leaves fall and in November, everything turns golden brown.

But this year, the colors seem to be lingering longer. On Tuesday, I found many new golds in town, and some amazing riotous reds have joined the show. I am visiting all of my favorite trees, trying to take it all iin!

Tuesday morning found me in Boalsburg for a dentist appointment (everything went well, thanks!), and I had just a few minutes to spare. I visited the three graces (as I think of them) and strolled through one of my favorite cemeteries (prior blips: a senseless act; and setting things right).

The golden leaves by one of the nearby churches beckoned me, and as I drew nearer, the sunlight shone right through the church's golden window panes. Suddenly, everything was lit up and shining. Fall is here, and all is golden and beautiful.

Since this is a church scene (St. John's United Church of Christ, to be specific - I looked it up), I'd like to use a favorite old-fashioned tune about a church. So here's Dolly Parton, with The Church in the Wildwood.

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