A Tale of Two Tilseds

Little Tilsed had a great day at school. They earn raffle tickets if they add lots of comments to their reading log. Leo won the raffle as he has been earning lots of tickets lately and he won a creature teacher book - and even more excitingly from his point of a view, a bag of skittles!

Big Tilsed on the other hand, trashed the kitchen. Ian pulled out the cutlery drawer and then promptly dropped it on my foot! We'll have to get the good old gorilla glue on the case! At some point we will have to redo the kitchen as various bits are showing wear and tear and other bits are just in annoying placements. However, it isn't really bad or annoying enough yet to justify sorting it out.

And wait for it, the rug we ordered back in July is finally due for delivery on Friday. I almost feel like we should have a rug party to celebrate even though I have gone off the stupid thing now as it has taken so long to get here. A three week wait we were promised at the start - which turned out to be a three month wait.

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