From the cricket club

Very smooth flight to Singapore. We had seats with masses of leg room, but they were right by the toilets so there was a fair amount of disturbance. None the less, we both got a reasonable amount of sleep.

The arrival could not have been smoother. On time. Short walk. No queue at passport control. We had hand luggage only. So we were quickly in a taxi heading for the hotel. We got there to discover that my lovely son had sorted out the room payment (he will be reimbursed) because it's on his visa card, and we got an excellent upgrade to give us a view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Great wee evening with son and his friend - drinks at the Cricket Club, which L has recently joined, and dinner at Ding Dong. Yep, you read that right. Mr A has now keeled over and gone to sleep, but I'm suffering a bit of wide-awakeness - not helped by being curious about legal developments back in Blighty.

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