Downtown Singapore

We had pretty much a whole day to do some wandering around Singapore. We both slept reasonably well - that's usual as the jet lag generally kicks in later, I find. After a leisurely breakfast, we ambled up the Singapore River as far as Fort Canning Park, up into the Park, and then down to the National Museum of Singapore. After a pit stop for refreshments, we visited the Historical Gallery, before taking a cab back to the hotel to cool down.

I popped over to have a quick lunch with L near his office, and to pick up some shopping, before we checked out. We then wandered down to the Bay, and along back under the Fullerton Road bridge, and back to the hotel, before L joined us and we got a cab to the airport. We met up with a couple of his friends there, who were on their way to a holiday in Philippines, before catching our flight to Penang. It was something of a scrum in the airport to get taxis, etc. but L had organised a taxi via the hotel to come and meet us. He didn't seem to be around, and we'd already organised ourselves with a taxi voucher in the queue when he appeared. Luckily the official taxi people reimbursed L more or less fully so he didn't end up paying twice.

The hotel is just great. I will be doing my hotel blips when I'm laid up in December, but for now, you'll have to make do with a link. It's strongly recommended.

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