A street performer

This is a backblip. The reason why I couldn't upload it yesterday is because I'm a numpty. I'm having problems with the exif data disappearing when I upload the photos, so I'm having to register the date manually. I put 15th August in the entry for 14th August, therefore I couldn't upload the one for the 15th on the right date without overlaping with the other one. The guys at blipcentral were very helpful and the whole thing has been sorted now.

I know I've finished the Festival theme, but I couldn't help taking another street shot, since I went past the Royal Mile on my way back from the gym. This performer was mesmerizing the audience with this strange instrument I don't know the name of. Anybody out there knows it?

I had a long lie in this morning. The sun was shining when I got up.

In the morning I didn't do much apart from lazing about and doing stuff in the computer, then I went to the gym. The sun was still shining by then. Back from the gym, it started getting a bit colder and windier, and when I got home it started to rain.

Doing some baking this evening and I'm back to work tomorrow. I find that one day off is not enough to recover properly. I'll be working every day until Sunday now.

Thanks very much for all your nice comments! I hope you all had a good day! :)

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