A photo a day by Hillyx

By hillyx

It's just heart-breaking...

.... such injustice. 
I went to Palestine to see for myself as I don't feel that the news from there is ever reported fairly, and I wanted to fully understand how the wonderful young Palestinian kids that I have met in the UK, manage to cope under the occupation. It was so much worse than I expected. I thought that I would meet some good Israelis to redress the balance - but the only ones I really came into contact with were at the airport and they were absolutely HORRID! (that's another very long story which I will write in a blog). 
If you zoom into this very sad poster you will see a bullet hole in the bottom right corner - from the day before I was there when an Israeli soldier was frustrated and shot up a car and this poster.
I have just added a close-up of the bullet hole!

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