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Hundreds & Thousands

Today has been a strange day. As I drove past the fencing by the bins at work I noticed that a wood pigeon had unsuccessfully tried to fly through the one inch gap between the fence panels and was now left hanging six feet off the air wedged between them dead.

Once a few relevant people turned up I investigated what the protocol was for the removal of these things, to which I was told that the previous day another wood pigeon had flown its last mission also and that, ironically, given the organisation, all the chaps are a bit squimish of these things and so we would have to wait for the receptionist who isn't, to come in and remove them.

Well I didn't feel it this was fair on either the pigeons or the cyclists having to park up by the fence suspended one so I took to removing them both. I think growing up in the country must have made me more prepared for such jobs.

Thankfully coming home things were quite normal. The telly box was ruling the little ones. Girl asked me to take a picture of her with her postcard, which I did as she watched the box. She was so mesmorised by Tree Fu Tom (which she apparently dislikes) that after it finished she asked if I had taken her photo or not.

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