Work stuff - HP Compaq LA2306x monitor's power board, and a pair of diodes that seem prone to failing... outwith an extended warranty period. They're connected in parallel, and as per the previous monitor of the same type, one had gone short circuit, which left the monitor appearing totally dead.

Methinks it best to order a load more spares, as there's about twenty of these monitors in use, and a wee bit of Internet research shows that others have encountered the same fault. Cost for parts - less than a pound, and that's to replace both, as a precaution. Worst bit about the repair, is getting the darned case open! Gritting teeth, straining fingertips, and aggrieved Muttley impressions, were all included.

You can tell I wasn't out for anything better. Too weary after work to go for a swim, so just cycled straight home. 

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