Snow, snow, glorious snow!!

These benches on the beach at Smitingen have always been one of my favourite motifs. I blipped them only three days ago but couldn't resist using them again today.
The snow was really pouring out of the sky, in such a way you couldn't see very far. With 30 to 40 cm of new snow we were walking rather slowly and we were totally alone on the beach.
The sea was lapping very gently onto the shore and the snow went right down to the water's edge.
We had put our old friend Kjell onto the train home at 11 o'clock and then headed down to the beach to walk the beach and then into the forest to Klubbsjön. We walked back by exactly the same route, having worked so hard to plough a trail through the snow. Maybe that is why it took us 2 hours to walk 2,5 km, though we did stop to take a lot of photos.
The extra is also the benches and I think it's a much better photo than my Blip, but it's taken by HarlingDarling so I didn't feel I could blip it directly!!!
If you are interested check out my Flick album where there are a few more pictures from today.

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