"Right Against the Forest Fence"

Today we drove up to Hola Folkhögskola (Hola community college) where HarlingDarling was teaching. I did the driving and helped set things up, then I was free to wander.
Hola had a map in reception showing walks of different lengths so I photographed it with the phone and set out on the 7 km walk.
As you can see there is much less snow here than at home, but it's coming down fairly hard.
I liked the combination of the ploughed field, with its covering of thin snow, the dark wall of the forest and the house "right against the forest fence", under the hill.
The house is in good repair so Good King Wencelas wouldn't need to worry about this "peasant".
PS - Following a map you have photographed on your smart phone works really well until the phone gets cold and promptly dies.  How come it got cold? Well, I got it out to check the map!  It wasn't even that cold, about -6°C.  Fortunately my mind's eye's picture turned out to be be fairly accurate!

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