This will probably be my new best friend for the day, as I think I have a cold coming – not man flu – just a cold.  It started yesterday afternoon and by the evening I felt quite “under the weather” – wonder if getting up very early two mornings running has caught up with me!  

I went to bed early and slept fitfully, so once the shopping is done, it will be home, on with the PJs and pink robe and snuggling up with my hot water bottle – nothing quite like being "warm and toasty" and I daresay it won’t surprise some of you to learn that the fluffy cover on the water bottle is actually pink.

Thank you for all your kind comments about my sunrise through the diving board yesterday – and for all the stars and hearts – but I’m sure you understand why I didn’t do much commenting.  

However, we did have a lovely time with Keith and Ruth and a wonderful lunch and dessert, so that was the second bonus of the day after seeing the wonderful sunrise.

You’ll know the people 
     who feed our soul
          because you will
feel GOOD after
     spending time
          with them.

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