By SpeckledCoast

The Classical Guitarist

Another day spent with the family at the Edinburgh Festival. Returning home after enjoying a show at The Pleasance followed by a visit to the Edinburgh International Book Festival I stopped to listen to this street artist - a classical guitar player; he was wonderful. Unfortunately, I didn't get his name but if you should see him, spare some time to listen. It was only when I came to edit the image that I realised how beaten up his guitar was. It certainly didn't spoil his performance though. Don't know what I'm going to do when the festival finishes, it provides such richness in photographic material.

Thanks to Skatergirl, it seems I'd stumbled across Tom Ward (see comments). So glad I did and got the name of a very talented musician. Thanks once again to Skatergirl for enabling me to put a name to a face, it was much appreciated :-).

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