Yo ho ho- a Pirate Party!

On the 29th of October we had a Pirate Party at Lucas Boatworks and it was really great fun! This is our friend Nicole & her dad in front of Dave & Helen's house, but doesn't it look like a scene from another time? 

My "extra" photo is Dave & Helen Lucas. They looked so great! Many of us did not even recognize Dave when he came out of his house walking towards the Tiki Hut. I have an album with lots of fun photos from the evening and you will find it here. Please note that Crazy Steve (my husband) made his hostage costume himself. The knife is wood and is mounted on a pieced of plywood under his shirt, so don't be fooled!! It took me a while to get used to looking at it. He was supposedly MY hostage -I dressed as Anne Bonny, the female pirate :0)) Shiver me timbers! 

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