I think we can all do with a bit of good news, good luck and most of all some love. On this hopefully historic day for all the right reasons, for TinyTuesday Dutch candy hearts saying luck, good and love with thanks to Ninniex for hosting.

We managed to unpack all the boxes in the kitchen today, but I'm despairing a bit where everything else is going to fit. And the internet was supposed to be installed today, but the mechanic couldn't find a signal from the cable...  So on Thursday we'll get another mechanic to sort out the cables with possible digging in the garden and/or street !
Which means we've gone back to the other house for internet access. No time for taking pictures, but I did get a new Dutch mobile yesterday and am now trying out my new iPhone (a mere 5S , nothing super fancy) ;-) Am going to rest again, this moving is really tiring.

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