A tiny bit wild?

I spotted a couple of strands of White Bryony in one of our hedges which the gardeners hadn't spotted last week. I pulled the strands out of there and kind of wrapped them in a wreath while wondering if these colourful berries were ok for the birds to eat (found out later they're rather poisonous for mankind but apparently ok for birds). And then decided that they were colourful enough for my Blip today, so I draped them on the garden bench before hanging them on the bird feeding table.
Wild Vine for Wild Wednesday with thanks to Cailleach for hosting :-)

Remember tomorrow it's Abstract Thursday again, with the optional theme 'natural surprise', to take as literally or figuratively as you like. The tag will be AT124.

Thanks so much for all your kind comments, stars and faves for yesterday's icy Blip, I'm so happy you liked it so much !

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