But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


Having finished her portion of the new Roslin panel of the Great Scottish Tapestry yesterday (sighs of relief all round), she was off for a day of patch-working today leaving me to document the work. There are a few bits to be completed by some of the other stitchers and the complete work needs to be stretched before it is really presentable (it looks very crumpled at the moment). Although there must be official documentary pictures of the original one, we realised that the working party did not have any copies. It would not be politic for me to publish just yet as I don’t think it has been officially stated that a replacement is being made let alone nearly ready for it’s unveiling; I will have to post as an extra in due course.
So back to a little piece of normality, today is TinyTuesday, hosted by Ninniex who’s contribution is a Honey bee about to attack a lavender. My effort is these three cotoneaster berries that reminded my deranged imagination of a pawnbroker’s set of balls

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