By dreaming

The right spirit

I chose this poster, an old and cherished possession, to go along with the story I want to tell because it conveys a philosophy that I think will be of use in the days to come.

A number of years ago, as a member of the League of Women Voters, I did voter registration because that is something I feel passionate about.  One day I was set up at a community health center in a predominantly Black, poor neighborhood.  Folks were eager to register, but a large proportion of the men couldn't do so because they'd lost their right to vote due to felony convictions.  It was the first time I'd seen first hand the disenfranchisement of citizens.  Because of that, I worked to help change the law in Washington State.

On another occasion, I had the much-coveted opportunity to  do voter registration at the citizenship ceremony at Seattle Center on July 4.  The plaza was filled with new Americans in wonderful national costumes, and it was touching to see how many of them chose to take the time, before their family celebrations, to register.  They were so proud to have that opportunity.  I hope all of them voted in this current election.

Whatever the outcome, I feel good about having played my part.  Let's hope we will all be joyful tomorrow, like the figures in the poster.

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