Stalking In The Rain

As I drove through Epping Green on the way to Epping I kept my eyes peeled for a bird of prey that I have seen there often. Today it was perched on a telegraph pole. I swerved into a farm gateway and it flew but came flying back towards where I was standing. I got shots of it being harried by a brave magpie and then it landed on another pole. I think it might be an escaped Harris hawk. It has what looks like a jess trailing from its ankle. The light was awful and I was very disappointed with my shots. (Extra)

On the way back from town I noticed the Epping Green deer crew quite close to the road. I ducked into the same gateway as earlier and stealthily exited the car. I then walked like Groucho Marx, crouching down below the hedge line. I took the above just as the deer spotted me.

My title has got me (and MrQ) singing Walking In The Rain by Johnnie Ray. (I'm not keen on the whistling. :) )      

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