Win, win!

It was a good footie day!

No rain, and Cully won 4-0 in their league match, and then 5-0 in the friendly that followed. Leo made some good saves and was especially happy with his two clean sheets.

It has been a busy old day. I was up and out early so Leo could do some Pokemon hunting before footie. Then after footie, I had a haircut and got in some Christmas shopping, then took Ian and Leo out for some more Pokemon hunting and coffee and milkshakes.

And I have finally caught up with my few days of blipping backlog.

It may be another early start tomorrow as Ian has done something to his shoulder and it looks like it is out of place somehow. He is all lopsided with one shoulder blade much higher than the other. I think an early visit to the Walk in Centre will be on the cards tomorrow unless it somehow rights itself overnight.

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