My Carousel Steed

I had been scheduled to attend a studio flash lighting workshop in Warwick, but it had to be called off at the last moment because the model had been ill overnight and couldn't stand, let alone walk!

I was relieved in one sense as I was able to make good headway with the ELAPs panto programme. I'd scanned in all the adverts yesterday. I also printed out minature photos for the camera club Christmas tree.

Then I went to Loughborough Fair, which is bigger than ever. It's spreading its tentacles throughout the centre of town such that there is little room to walk between the rides. I took my Fuji x-t2 with 16-55 mm lens with which I took some long exposures. This year, I went for impressions rather than all sharp pictures, with which I'm much more satisfied. See extras.

Then I switched to the 23 mm lens, which is pleasingly sharp and bright. If I stood still with arms at the sides and took the photo on the point of exhaling, I could get 'sharp-enough' photos at 1/8th of a second.

See my fair album on Flickr.

I did go for a ride on the galloping horses. I found it difficult to get on and off the ride. Fortunately, the horse had a step which I could use to lever myself on to my mount. Today's photo is of my steed. I can't remember the last time I went on a fairground ride.

Home to prawn stir fry. No prawns tonight as the fair totally swept the market aside this week.

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