Daisy Ditchwater!

Daisy-Dog two days running: my journal is not worthy! :-)

We set off for a lovely walk across fields, where we've often walked before, and other locals regularly walk, only to find the yellow-arrow-signed public footpath illegally blocked by fencing, which - we found out the hard way - was electrified. Soon after I took this photo, Daisy gave a yelp as she - and Mr PP - received shocks. The fencing had no breaks in it for access, so no insulated handles at any point, and there were no warning signs. Mrs B our daughter is contacting the council! And the Ramblers' Association that operate "Pathwatch".

Daisy and Mr PP are fine. Could have been a different story if it had happened to someone with, say, a heart pacemaker. Grrr!

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