Rise of the Supermoon

This has been a bit of a marathon!  I spent a while in the garden earlier to photograph the supermoon - I know that I am a day/night early but who knows whether the sky will be clear enough tomorrow to see the moon - super or not?  So I made the hay while the sun (or in this case the moon) was shining!  I aimed for a sequence which I would put together to show the path of the moon - all these shots were taken within about half an hour or so - the moon does move quite fast!

Sky and cloud permitting, I will be out again tomorrow and perhaps where I can get a clear view of the moon sooner.  I know where I need to be but I think the field will be full of cows and I am not keen on that! The view from my garden just might have to be good enough.

Lots of faults in the processing of this, but, if you've ever tried this sort of composite, you'll know it's not as straightforward as the tutorials would suggest - moving clouds don't help!

Fingers crossed for a clear sky tomorrow evening - so cruel if it's raining or too cloudy as it's a once in a lifetime phenomenon and I won't be around to see the next one!

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