The Shard Takes Off!

A long day in London with a wet evening.  I took this image from Floor 10 of Tate Modern - the last one I took before security asked me to pack away the tripod!  I thought it would be OK in the outside bit but no!  It's just impossible to do decent long exposures and zoom with the lens up there and no tripod.  I also had a look at the Elton John Collection - his photo collection rather than him - it's very good and I will probably go back a few times (one of the advantages to being a Tate member).

Later on I was along Embankment and did manage to get the kit set up again when the rain eased off. I love the effect of zooming with a long exposure on the London Eye and getting down low to get light trails against Big Ben (extras). On another occasion I might be prepared to get right down but not on a wet pavement in a dark, busy place!

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