Golden birch

Chris and Lizzy borrowed the small car and headed off to the Norfolk Coast for the day. As the sunshine was so glorious I took the Galaxy down to Woodwalton Fen, not my first choice of location, but forced on me by an inconvenient road closure. Sometimes Woodwalton Fen can be full of photographic interest - on other days it can be quite dull. Today was one of the dull days. 

Another photographer I spoke to recounted an amazing encounter he'd observed between two bitterns at one of the hides, but by the time I walked there, they'd gone. Nevertheless, I saw a good variety of birds, but nothing special and most were being very camera shy, aided by the leafiness of most of the trees. This silver birch caught my eye - such a vivid colour at the moment, and oddly isolated in a sea of reeds. 

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