The Pelargonium Ardens flowers

By the time I decided to take this picture of my wonderful Pelargonium Ardens flowers it was past dusk. So I had to grab a small table lamp to beef up the illumination.

I bought this plant from a specialised nursery about eight years ago and have even managed to propagate a couple of other plants from it. It is delightful as it flowers at odd times when many other plants are dormant. and it has just produced this first spray of the winter. It will probably keep flowers coming on long stalks for a couple of months, then go dormant again for a few months before flowering again.  It definitely rewards the special care given to it.

Each flower is only about 2 cms in diameter. I love the tiny pink stamens poking up from the centre of the flowers.

Thanks to Ninniex for hosting another Tiny Tuesday.

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