It rains everyday and its becoming rather tiresome.  Our ground is a bog, my rhodo, flag irises are looking very miserable.  Our two calves are totally over it as well.
After overnight rain we did have sunshine this morning, then clap bang and we were having a thunder storm.  That passed and really its rained ever since and that's six hours ago, torrential at times. *sigh*.
Consequently, I stepped outside my door and snapped this - the clouds had lots of contrast.  Chose mono for a change.
After mine and oldTimers last committee meeting last night, this afternoon we have worked with the end of the year points, sorting out trophy's for her to drop off at the engravers.  Once she left I continued with doing all the certificates - its a big job for both of us, but just once a year.
Dentist this morning, two root canals done - back next week to complete the procedure.
And, happy to report I'm much better today, and had a good appetite for dinner tonight (which I cooked) But won't be long out of bed, seem to be very tired.

JUst had Facetime with Lexi and earlier a phone call from our Wellington family - not good up there, both having to work from home although the grandies went back to school today.  Much more is coming out of Kiakoura area in particular the more rural remote places.  Horrendous amounts of damage, over 100,000 slips to remove (if they can).  The tourists are being taken out by our navy and should be on the high seas now heading for Lyttleton.  The quake has been upgraded to 7.8 today and ofcourse aftershakes continue constantly.


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