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By marchmont

Oz Fringe

(Back blip, as I didn't get home till well after 1 on Saturday morning.)

It started dreich, wet, but dried up soon enough.

It was a hectic day as I slept in, left my mobile at home, with A's phone number in it, needed for the evening's show, but I did manage to grab a taxi to work. It was the Big Partnership Meeting which was good but .... well the devil is in the detail and we'll see. Immediately followed by a second meeting with another partner that felt much more secure.

Thanks to my O2 log and a bit of help from #3 son I managed to identify A's number - just as well as it turned out.

Not having to leave the office till nearly 6 I ended up doing the washing up - it's amazing being multi skilled! Buying milk and supplies in the morning, making coffee and tea for visitors, being the 'high powered' strategic director, doing the washing up - and taking out the rubbish! All in a day's work.

But after that all that it was off to the Parliament for part of the Festival of Politics and the first of tonight's 3 shows. Having decided to leave the camera at home (to limit the load) and forgotten my phone, I had to use my Blackberry, and I still haven't worked out how to do zoom and BB instructions are useless. But at least I can blip.

Show #1 'Singin' I'm No a Billy, He's a Tim' has been on the go for 7 years and has been updated to take account of recent developments with Rangers Newco. It was very funny (as long as you don't wince at people who f and c) and very recognisable with the themes of bigotry in Scotland. I really enjoyed it, although I'm not sure if the Rangers fans in front of me did.

It was scheduled to finish at 8 but ran on till 8.30. No phone meant no bustracker meaning the #35 sailed past me so it was jump a taxi to get up to George Square for performance #2. By now it was a beautiful evening with pink clouds over the Tron and hordes of tourists thronging the street.

Show #2 'Tubular Bells for 2' is exactly what it says on the tin - the whole of Mike Oldfield's work arranged and played by 2 Australian musicians. Assembly One is a hot, dark lecture theatre (which I probably hadn't been in since being an Edin Uni student 40 years ago) and the two guys threw so much energy into the performance and moved around the pile of instruments so swiftly that by the end the sweat was dripping of them. They must have lost a stone! It was fantastic and at the end they received a standing ovation. Unnervingly the dark haired one was a dead ringer for J at GCP, except he has an American, not an Australian, accent. Bit of celebrity spotting too - Ian Rankin was in the audience.

By now it was after 10 and I hadn't eaten since much cake at lunchtime so while waiting for A (George Square gardens were jam packed so it was as well I could text her my location, I had the tickets!) I grabbed a burger, despite Allan's advice, needs must and it was much better than the one I had last week, from a different vendor.

After a quick chat with Andy from The Magnets (A is a huge fan, saw them 5 times this Fringe) it was along to the Magners Pasture (beside the Udderbelly, the purple cow) for a drink before show #3, 'Briefs' Brisbane's beefcake, burlesque troop. I saw them briefly last year (ha ha) but tonight was the full Monty. It was fantastic, very funny but not for the faint hearted. And also very skilful. We loved it.

When we came out, by now Saturday, the place was still hooching but for me, after another half of Stella, it was a walk home across the Meadows. Even although it was nearly 1.30 there were people (40 years younger than me) just going out. I'm not sure I could have done it even at that age.

It was a great day - a lot of laughter, a lot of skill and a lot things that made you think. More FoP tomorrow.

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