Dead Twigs on a Table

I had planned to do lots of studying today and lots of laundry sorting.
I also wanted to do a spot of cross stitch and some quilting. And I hoped there'd be time to re-read Dr Zhivago and do pilates for an hour or two before heading out to rake up all the leaves and get my over-wintering onion sets in.
What I actually did was stroke Archie as he snuggled on my knee, play with Archie and his toys, cuddle Archie and generally get nothing done because of Archie!!
He's so snuggly and cuddly and quite a useful hot water bottle!!
And a terrible distraction!
I left him with Mr K when it was time to go and get the Little Misses and head to rock climbing. Miss L had a nice time drawing and playing Uno with Miss F and Miss M, and I had a nice time chatting and drinking tea with Mrs E.
Miss E was a bit naughty and over-excited in the lesson so we had words on the way home. After denial, anger and defensiveness we finally got to tears and remorse. I think she'll be better behaved next week!

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