New Bed

After the debacle of our bed delivery  almost three weeks ago we finally got to sleep in our new bed tonight .Whoop whoop!!
Mr K actually built it on Friday but when I went to make it I discovered that despite remembering to buy a new king size duvet and a kingsize duvet cover I had forgotten to buy a kingsize sheet. Doh!!
My mum lent us one yesterday so tonight we were out of the bright pink spare room full of boxes and back up in our lovely bedroom at the top of the house.  In our lovely new enormous bed. No matter how much I stretched I couldn't reach the end.  And in full starfish mode I couldn't reach either side. Bliss!!!!
Mr K took the Little Misses and Nanny and Grandad to Looby Lu's for breakfast this morning before they headed off. I stayed at home with Archie eating fruit and yoghurt!
Later on Miss E's friend Miss C came round with her mum, Mrs K, to take Archie for a walk with us. They only live around the corner which is great - it's lovely for Miss E to have a friend nearby, she missed out on that at our old house.
Miss C walks a cockapoo for one of her neighbours so we went to pick him up and then had a lovely half hour out with them. Miss E, Miss C and Miss L disappeared into the woods with Bertie and Mrs K and I chatted - to each other and all the other dog walkers. Archie was so brilliant meeting all the other dogs - there were some huge slobbery beasts but Archie took it all in his stride.
Miss E went into Miss C's house for a bit of a play while Miss L and I went to our old house to pick up an Amazon delivery that went there this morning because Mr K is an idiot and forgot to update the delivery address by mistake.
The house is still empty. I'm curious to see whether our old landlady rents it out again or sells it. 
Our parcel was in the porch - a new huge doormat/runner for the utility room so soak up the worst of the water, mud, leaves and other detritus that Archie - and we - bring in from the garden.
The it was home for homework, baths, a roast lamb dinner, the Strictly results and our fabulous new bed!

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