In January 2009 Mr K decided to do a Masters in Software Engineering at Oxford. It was quite a commitment as it was going to take four years. Fitting in studies with work and a nine month old Baby E! 
Today - having finished his dissertation a couple of months ago - he was awarded his degree.
The nine month old baby E is nearly nine. Just saying!!!
We've had a fabulous day. So special!
I hadn't expected to enjoy it nearly as much as I did  having a mere BA (Hons) from Cardiff and having a bit of a chip on my shoulder about all the Oxford pomp and ceremony.
Mr K headed off early with his mum and dad for a reception at the college before the ceremony and to get robed up before processing to the beautiful Wren designed Sheldonian Theatre.
I left a little bit later with the Little Misses and Archie and headed to my mum and dad's in Bicester. Luckily my dad had been able to re-arrange his radiotherapy session and it all went without a hitch so they got home in time for me to make it to Oxford.
It was drizzly and miserable but as soon as mum got home we went for a quick walk round the graveyard with Elsie so she and Archie could 'bump into' each other, make friends and go home together!!
Apart from sniffing a few dogs on his short walk last night Archie hasn't any experience of other dogs so it was chucking him in at the deep end a bit to leave him for the day with Maisie, River and Elsie - an eleven year old cocker, a two year old Springer and a one year old cockapoo - but he was fine!!
I had to laugh as I left them all to it - Nana, Papa, Uncle D, two kids and four dogs!!
I zoomed to Oxford and got the Park & Ride into town and hot-footed it to the college just before they were all setting off to the Sheldonian.
Mr K looked dashing in his suit and robes (including the white bow tie he'd had to buy this morning as his has been lost in the move!!)
We set off with the rest of the graduands (as the students are called before the ceremony) and friends and family but it was a bit fast and a bit far for Mr A so he, Mrs G and I flagged down a taxi and managed to arrive before everyone!
I've never been in the Sheldonian Theatre before. It's spectacular. First of all we climbed the stairs all the way to the top - fabulous birds eye view! Then the usher saw that Mr A was struggling so escorted us back down to pretty  much the best seats in the house. 
Degrees have been given in Oxford since the twelfth century and the ceremony is essentially unchanged. Lots of Latin, robes, people with giant maces opening giant doors, doffing of mortarboards and bowing. There was such a sense of history and tradition and it was wonderful to be part of it.
It was lovely seeing Mr K get his degree. He took a circuitous route but he got there in the end and I'm so proud of him.
And it was lovely for his mum and dad too. As if they need another excuse to think their son is the bee's-knees!!!!
We got a taxi back to the college for bubbly, a fantastic buffet lunch (which I took full advantage of!!) and the presentation of the degree certificates. 
Then it was time to go. Back to my mum and dad's for a lovely couple of hours chatting, drinking tea and showing Nanny the magnificent model railway!
Archie had been a little star getting on well with all the others and not being  at all fazed at being left. Best puppy ever!!!!!!

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