First Walk

Mrs L came round this morning to meet Archie. No-one comes to see me any more!!
He was quite taken with her - trying to eat her scarf, chew on her hair, and nibble her ear! And hump her leg!!!
He was a bit mad and bouncy - which is a bit of a shock as he's so quiet and calm when it's just me and him here. But he eventually wore himself out and slept for the rest of the day!
I left him at home while I went to get the Little Misses. Luckily he tolerates being left really well, just curling up in his bed. At night we shut him in the dining room and kitchen and apart from a few minutes howling for the first few nights we had him, he's settled happily in his bed for the night.
I'm not gone for more than twenty minutes but it's good to know he doesn't get distressed or eat the furniture and curtains or poo all over the kitchen!
When we got back we put him on his lead for the first time and headed out for his first walk. I had to laugh at how typical it was of us to take him out in virtual darkness! But I wanted us all to do it together - Archie's first trip out is a momentous event!!!
He was SO good! He seems to take everything in his stride. He trotted along on the lead really well, loved sniffing everything, didn't panic when he met other dogs but was friendly and sniffy with them and was generally perfect!!
Ha ha, proud dog owner alert!!!!
I'm so happy we can finally take him out. So many miles those paws are going to walk......
Mr K's mum and dad arrived not long after we got back. It's his graduation ceremony in Oxford tomorrow and we're all going together.
Being the rubbish housewife that I am we've completely run out of food so it was Chinese for dinner. Ha ha, really must try to get to the shops tomorrow!!

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