Still Can't Believe It

It wasn't a dream. Donald Trump is the next President...... I love the placard one of the protestors is holding - Build a Wall Around Trump!!!
Archie received his first visitors today. He was mostly good with a smidgen of crazy, nippy puppy thrown in! 
Mrs A and Mrs K came round for coffee - Mrs K brought instant lattes which were surprisingly tasty. And frothy!! It was lovely to see them and catch up. Mrs A hasn't seen my new house so it was nice to show her round. I love my new house!!!
Archie was more than happy to see them and not at all yappy which was great.
He was quite taken with Mrs K and spent much of the time leaping all over her and trying to eat her ear! Luckily she's used to puppies and didn't take any nonsense from him!
Once he'd got over all the excitement he crashed out and slept on the sofa between them for the rest of the morning. 
I spent most of the rest of the day watching BBC news with Archie on my knee.
Things never seem as bad with a snuggly puppy to cuddle!!
He did have a mad hour tonight running around like a nutter, nipping anyone in sight, jumping up and down at us and generally being proper irritating!! I think he's lulled us into a false sense of security by being not too puppy like!!
Thankfully he wore himself out and went out like a light.
Tomorrow I will be signing him up for borstal puppy training classes!!

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